90 Day Hair Growth Challenge

$ 40.00


Hello beautiful ladies I know having healthy hair is on everyone’s list of must haves. Well let’s make this experience fun while growing your Gorgeous hair. A lot of you don’t know that what you put in your body comes out in your hair , nails and skin.
So first thing first this box will contain how much water you should intake on a daily basis ,Things to incorporate in your diet, Things to remove from your diet, One bottle of Sprout Gorgeously 4oz and a few more hair goodies that will be need along the way. I will also have a vitamin that I recommend (pls check with your doctor if you are on medication) to help give your hair that extra boost. This box will come with step by step instructions. After your purchase I will add  you to the hair growth group on fb that way we can get extra motivation and help along the way. I will also incorporate for those that have not had a trim a stylist in your area that specializes in healthy hair . That way all the damaged hair is gone and we can start this journey on a healthy note. Now with any challenge there must be a winner... the winner will receive a basket worth $300 in hair supplies and hair tools. Let the Challenge begin.....
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