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Ombré powder brow By Lashonda

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Lashonda is so excited to bring powdered ombré brows to her offered services here at Hair Fetish!  This exciting new trend in brows create a soft look in a semi-permanent procedure that lasts 16-36 months.
Let's break down what this new service is and why we're so excited about it.

Using a small rotary tattoo machine to implant pigment, powdered ombré brows are meant to look more filled and powdery, like a fresh makeup look.  The tail of the brow is always darker than the head, which is where it gets its ombré name.  

Your personal results will vary from soft, medium, or bold, depending on your individual skin and its receptiveness to pigment, along with your personal style and how much pigment is used.  Immediately results will be quite bold but, like all brow procedures, will fade to a softer look within a few weeks.  You will need a touch up after the initial appointment, but that touch up  within 90 days from your first visit.

The best part about these brows is that the advanced technology has made the procedure virtually almost  painless - far less intense than microblading, that's for sure.  The rotary machine only scratches the surface of the skin to achieve the long-lasting results you'll love.  

If you like the filled-in brow look but loathe having to spend precious time actually, you know, filling in your brows each day, powdered ombré eyebrows are for you.  You'll wake up looking like your beautiful  self, saving you time and the frustration of having a bad brow day.  Win-win.


Healing and Aftercare

For  the powdered ombré brows, healing takes 2-3 weeks.  For the first 3 days your brows will be very dark, and then they will start to scab.  Unlike microblading that scabs in patches, powder brows scab in one big (or a few big) pieces. And yes, that sounds gross, but it's a super important part of the healing process!

The best thing to do to take care of those healing brows is to leave them alone. NEVER pick at the scabs, as this will prematurely pull the pigment out of the tattoo, leaving bald spots.  So don't touch them, and those scabs will naturally fall off about a week and a half after treatment.

Just like microblading, your brows will fade quite a bit after the first treatment and will need a touch up to transform into their final hue. 


Who Shouldn't Get Ombre brows

  • Individuals super thin skin, Rosacea or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

  • Individuals with  transmittable blood disease such as HIV or Hepatitis. It’s best not work with these conditions for the safety of my clients as these conditions greatly impact the immune system and healing process of individuals. 

  • If you’ve had Botox/filler in the brow area.  Wait 4 weeks after botox/filler before getting work done. 

  • Individuals undergoing active chemotherapy. 

  • If you have any kind of skin condition near your eyebrows.  eczema, shingles, rashes, or anything else near eyebrows.

  • Individuals who are pregnant or nursing

  • Individuals with dark pre-existing eyebrow tattoo.  I require anyone with a previous eyebrow tattoo to Set up a consultation before booking.