Sprout Gorgeously Refreshing spray

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A great way to refresh your scalp is by using Sprout Gorgeously scalp refreshing spray . Dandruff is a common issue for a lot of people and it happens when there is either a buildup of product or when the scalp is too dry/too oily. This Infused Rose water has antibacterial properties that work great at killing any bacteria and also loosening up any product you may still have on your scalp. Sprout Gorgeously scalp refresher spray is made with all organic ingredients.
Benefits :
* Promote hair growth
* Condition hair
* Reduce scalp inflammation
* Strengthen your hair from the root
* Get rid of dandruff
* Reduce oiliness on your scalp
* Reduce hair loss
* Reduce product buildup on your scalp
* Anti bacterial
* Prevents infection
* Reduce itchy scalp
Directions :
If hair is braided down in a style or for under your wig spray 6-7 sprays evenly throughout your head directly on your scalp. If hair is free of protective style part your hair in four sections, divide each section into three and spray each section evenly 3-4 times. Store in a clean dry place and shake well before each use.
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