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Knot Eraser kit

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The "Knot Eraser Kit" is for anyone that wants a flawless “scalp” look with their Unit. This "Knot Eraser kit " can be used on any wig, the purpose of this kit is to help you achieve a seamlessly realistic look with your skin and your lace while covering the knots on your unit. This kit will prevent you from over bleaching your knots. Did you know that over bleaching the knots on your unit is the #1 cause in lace wigs going bald? My goal is to make sure I selected colors that will match most if not all skin tones. The great thing about the "Knot Eraser kit" is the combination of colors that allow you to blend and achieve your desired color match, which is great for my Dolls that don’t wear makeup or have no clue about matching their skin tone. Bye-bye off tone lace and black knots, Hello Knot Eraser!